The SILE Typesetter


classes SILE document class class.
inputters SILE inputter class.
languages SILE language class.
outputters SILE outputter class.
packages SILE package class.
pagebuilders SILE pagebuilder class.
shapers SILE shaper class.
typesetters SILE typesetter class.


color SILE color type.
length SILE length type.
measurement SILE measurement type.
node SILE node type.
unit SILE unit type.


SILE The core SILE library
SILE.font font
SILE.settings core settings instance
SU SILE.utilities (aliased as SU)
SU.ast AST utilities.
SU.numbers Number formatting utilities.
SU.sorting Table sorting with language-dependent collation.
globals Global library provisions.

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