Version v0.11.0 of SILE has been released and is available for download! See the included or review the commit history for more explicit details.

Summary of Improvements

This release brings a significant fix to the vertical grid typesetting system that was causing extra full grid spaces between paragraphs where they didn’t belong. The new behavior is objectively more correct, but it does break previous workarounds. If you previous used a workaround to get the right output in spite of the bug, those documents may not render incorrectly. They can be fixed by removing whatever other workaround was in place or adding a shim that makes the paragraph spacing emulate the old behavior. Some utility functions also received bug fixes. Thanks to contributor Fredrick Brennan, color fonts now behave themselves much better in TTB layouts and the counter display style Alpha works as documented.

Not much has been added on the feature front, just a few conveniences such as traditional units of (small) measurement and handling more attributes in documents converted via the Pandoc writer (as-yet unreleased).

Beginning with this release Docker images will now be available from GitHub Packages (also known as the GitHub Container Registry). This is an alternative to Docker Hub which has recently started limiting the features available to open source projects.



Bug Fixes

Code Refactoring